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Flap & Needle Peening

Rotary Flapper Peening FlapSpeed® PRO 102 The new NADCAP* requirements stipulate that the flap peening rotational speed (RPM) is measured and maintained to ensure compliance of the treatment with the required Almen intensity. Currently, the... View product Price on request Spiker, Controlled Pneumatic Needle Peening The Spiker® is the most recent innovation of Shockform. It has been developed with aero engines manufacturers for repairs directly on the engine with no risk of Foreign Object Damage (FOD). With the... View product € 16.460,00 SMARTPEEN® for Controlled Manual Peening The SmartPeen® is a controlled Mobile Peening Machine with Touch Screen Operation and Vacuum Reclaim. The SmartPeen® kit makes manual peening much faster and easier. Simply select the recipe from... View product Price on request Magnetic Strip Holder 2? X 7? X 1? The 3M™ Roto Peen Almen Strip Holder holds Almen Strips for peening intensity verification. Verifying Almen Strip deflection is an integral part of any workshop that performs roto peening/flap... View product Price on request Roto Peen Flap Assembly, 9/16 in x 1 1/4 3M Roto Peen Flap Assembly, made with a flap and mandrel, was designed using captive shot-flap technology. To create this unique and portable assembly, we adhered tungsten carbide shot to flexible... View product Price on request Almen Gage The Almen gage has the features needed to satisfy the requirements of SAE J 442 and AMS 2430.   Great Feautures: Easy-to-read display. Our gage has a large digital display that is... View product Price on request Almen Strips Electronics Inc. (EI) manufactures and maintains the world’s largest inventory of Almen strips for global distribution. EI can provide strips to any specification, from standard MIL to rigid... View product Price on request