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Cleaning & Surface Preparation

Non-woven degreasing wipes The non-woven degreasing wipes are very easy to use in combination with the Pump Spray System. Made by an unique production process, all to ensure a spotless degreased surface and an excellent paint... View product € 54,00 Pump Spray 1000 ml without Coding Rings Pump Spray Bottle 1000 ml Resist both water and/or solvent based degreasers and the spray mist is adjustable to fit your job perfectly.   Great Benefits: Action Spray Gun is silicone... View product € 23,00 Pump Spray EPDM The Colad Pump Spray EPDM is equipped with (black) EPDM O-rings to resist different materials for example Acetone, Benzyl alcohol, Butanol (butyl alcohol), Castor oil A371, etc. Designed to fit... View product € 26,50 Wall Bracket Organise your workshop and use the Colad Wall Bracket to hang the Pump Spray on and have a central place for fluid identification.     Great Benefits: Organise your... View product € 17,00 Pump Spray Bottle with unique Coding System The Pump Spray Bottle uses a unique Coding System to distinguish the different types of liquid content.     Great Benefits: Easy distinction and identification of fluids  Helps... View product € 28,50 Pump Spray Promotion Package A complete package! 3 x Pump Spray 1000 ml, 1 x Wall Bracket, 6 x Coding Rings®, 2 x Colour Identification Chart.    Ready to go! Do you want to distinguish easily different types of... View product € 72,00 Set of EPDM O-rings Set of 2 EPDM O-rings.  Color: black. Suitable for article number 9705EPDM.    Replace the Pump Spray EPDM bottle rings with a new set of 2 EPDM O-rings.   Color: black. Suitable for... View product € 8,95 Set of Viton O-rings Replace the Pump Spray bottle rings with a new set of 2 Viton O-rings.   Color: green. Suitable for article number ACC9705Z and ACC9705. View product € 6,95 Non-woven Tack Rags Recommended for small to medium dust particles. Made of viscose and polyester. Compact structure. For use with water and/or solvent based coatings. Natural binders (no solvents) so solvent... View product € 85,00 Tack Rags Cotton Gauze Developed with an ideal formulation that captures the dust very efficiently. Picks up and holds all dust, dirt and sanding residue to prepare the surface for a smooth blemish-free... View product € 64,00 Tack Rags Waffled High quality, large textured cotton cloth. Superior dust holding capacity! The cotton wipe is specially designed to collect and remove loose contamination such as dust, dirt, hair and lint from... View product € 160,00 Tack Cloth Waterbased Non-woven tack rags, impregnated, to remove contamination on surfaces before spraying. Maximum dust removal due to large non-woven surface.   Great Benefits:  Lint free. Specially... View product € 87,00 Safety Plunger Cans Dispense flammable liquids and solvents safely, without waste or exposure. Made of chemically resistant Ryton® and brass, the pump base is designed to leave less liquid in the bottom before having... View product € 67,53 Glass Scraper Scraper specially designed for the body shops, to remove the overspray on car windows if they have been sprayed accidentally. Will not cause scratches.   Great Benefits: Scraper... View product € 6,00 Viscose Sponges Viscose Sponges for washing or adding water during any sanding process.  Can be used with wet sanding. The sponges may be applied with silicon remover and other similar products.    Great... View product € 19,00 Pump Spray Coding Rings® Set of 6 coding rings including 2 Color Identification Charts. Easy to apply on your Pump Spray bottle. Helps you to identify the content quickly.   Great Benefits: Easy distinction and... View product € 6,00 Dispenser Bottle 1000 ml A plastic Dispenser Bottle for drop by drop dispensing of diluent 1000 ml plastic bottle for dispensing special diluent to waterborne coatings. Equipped with a fine, “drop by drop” nozzle. Inner... View product € 7,30