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Heating & Curing

Hot Gun This Hot Gun has extremely small dimensions as well as a long lifespan. Designed for professional use, this hot gun enables any specific application for curing. This type of curing on composite... View product Price on request Infrared Lamp (IR), 6 Lamps, with Control System The use of infrared lamp is essential for composite repair irregular shapes when the contactless heat source is required. The range of IRPE lamps is widely used by airlines and MROs.   This... View product Price on request Acrats
UV Pen- Rechargeable LED flashlight for spot repair and curing UV-PEN - rechargeable LED flashlight designed for Spot repair and curing. UV-PEN is a rechargeable LED flashlight designed for spot repair and curing of car door edges and other narrow areas. The... View product € 99,90
Rechargeable LED work light for small/medium cure areas UV-LIGHT - Flexible, rechargeable LED hand-held work light designed for curing. Easy to carry in the work belt, the UV-LIGHT is designed for small and medium cure areas.   Main... View product € 159,90 Acrats
Nova-UV-S NOVA-UV S is slim and handy with a long operating time for larger cure areas. Due to the flexible bracket with strong magnets, NOVA-UV S can be placed in different positions to obtain the desired UV... View product € 389,90
SCANGRIP UV-GUN LED light for UV curing of large sized paint repair areas   Greatest features: Fast curing process (only 1 min) No heat is produced on the panel or the paint during the curing,... View product € 1.189,90