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Vacuum Bag Materials

Breeder Fabric Breeder Fabric    Great Features   Transport the air in a vacuum bag even protect your vacuum system against unwanted Resis    Technical Data   Dimentions of 1 rol... View product € 327,00 Vacuum Bag Nylon Vacuum Bag Nylon    Great Features non stick nylon film  good temp resitance    Technical Data  1roll provides 115,9 m2    View product € 253,00 Release Ply Release Ply      Great Features   non sick barrier between your product and Addidional Tools  Easy removable after product/ repair is cured  Technical... View product € 646,00 Non Perforated Nylon Non Perforated Nylon     Great Features good Protection for your heat blanket against resin  good temp resitance    Technical Data 1 Roll Contains 55,76 m2 View product € 821,00 Airweave Super 10 Airweave Super 10 is a high denier polyester fibre breather designed for high pressure cures in the autoclave. The higher denier allows for better airflow under temperature and pressure... View product € 386,00 Perforated Nylon Film Perforeted Nylon Film     Great Features   reduces the amound of resin extraction out of the repair / product  good temp resistance    Technical Data 1 roll... View product € 466,00 High Temp Tape High Temp Tape    Great Features: Good temperature resistance; Keeps Thermocouple in place during the vacuum proces.   Technical Data: Available in two types, different... View product € 214,00 Vacuum Bag Tape Vacuum Bag Tape     Great Features   very tacky highly flexible good temp Resistance   Technical Data   sold by box of 40 rolls each roll contanis 1/8'' x 1/2'' x... View product € 369,00