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Classic Sure-Grip EX Safety Cabinets

Sure-Grip EX Classic Safety Cabinets Sure-Grip® EX Classic Safety Cabinets 1-mm thick double-wall welded steel with 38-mm of insulating air space Adjustable patented SpillSlope® galvanized steel shelves 51-mm leakproof sump 3-point... View product € 1.160,53 Sure-Grip EX Slimline Safety Cabinets Sure-Grip EX Slimline Safety Cabinets  Product description Safely store flammables when floor space is tight or use to expand storage alongside existing cabinets   Product... View product € 1.205,37 Sure-Grip EX Piggyback Safety Cabinets Sure-Grip® EX Piggyback Safety Cabinets  Product description Low-height design allows you to store flammables on bench tops or on top of 114- and 170-L cabinets   Product... View product € 920,00 Sure-Grip EX Countertop Safety Cabinets Sure-Grip® EX Countertop Safety Cabinets  Product description Use on workbenches for access to often-used liquids. Compliant, compact design offers same fire protection of larger Justrite... View product € 622,30 Sure-Grip® EX Compac Safety Cabinets Sure-Grip® EX Compac Safety Cabinets  Product description   Fire-resistant design includes double-walled steel with 38-mm of insulating air space and 3-point stainless steel bullet... View product € 821,19 Mini Safety Cabinet Mini Safety Cabinet   Product description Small footprint cabinet safely stores flammables within close reach—relocates easily   Product features Three bungee cords keep... View product € 549,05 Sure-Grip® EX Wall-Mount Safety Cabinets Sure-Grip® EX Wall-Mount Safety Cabinets  Product description Make the most of usable storage space—hang cabinet above workbench for easy access to work solvents   Product... View product € 1.051,83