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Masking Tapes

Masking Tape, 100°C/ 212ºF This masking tape has an orange color it is resistant against high temperatures and UV light. It has a unique adhesive compound.   Great Feautures: This tape is UV and weather... View product € 87,50 Fine Line Tape Green Fine Line Tape, specially designed to mask objects if excellent colour separation is required when spraying with multiple colours, printing or custom painting. It adheres to a wide variety... View product € 20,40 Ultimate Masking Tape Masking tape with highest temperature resistance of its kind, up to 110°C/ 230°F for a maximum of 1 hour! A professional masking tape that is heat resistant, leaves no residue, has sharp and clean... View product € 67,50 High Temp Tape High Temp Tape    Great Features: Good temperature resistance; Keeps Thermocouple in place during the vacuum proces.   Technical Data: Available in two types, different... View product € 214,00 Stegoband Classic These special masking tape range is specifically developed for professional masking jobs in hard-to-reach places, it is a time saving solution. Stegoband can be removed easily leaving no... View product € 11,99 Premium Masking Tape Colad Premium Masking tape with high temperature resistance to optimize the application of the product. This tape is especially designed for the professional car painter and for application in the... View product € 57,00 Aqua Dynamic Masking Tape Colad Aqua Dynamic Masking tape with high temperature resistance to minimize the chance of residue. This tape is especially designed for the professional user and perfectly suitable where waterborne... View product € 77,00 Foam Masking Tape Foam Masking Tape is the product to use for masking gaps between parts. Foam masking tape to seal apertures of aircraft and/ or aircraft components, protecting against sharp edges and overspray to... View product € 17,50 Stegoband Perforated 10/11 mm x 10 m This Stegoband is perforated every 4 cm so it is easy to tear off. It has a wide edge of 21 mm in total. It is also possible only to use the small edges of 10 or 11 mm. Stegoband can be removed... View product € 12,70 Surface Protection Tape Especially developed for the protection of the surounded surfaces during sanding, grinding and light blasting jobs.    Great Benefits: No air bubbles during application, this results in... View product € 14,40 Marking Hazard Tape – Safety Distance Tape A strong, weather-resistant PE-laminated tape that can be used as a marking system and to easily seal off hazard areas. The tape is used as a marking system to keep distance between people by... View product € 144,00