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Sealant Compound Removal and Application Protect your aircraft from corrosion

High demands are made on today’s aircraft with respect to comfort, fuel consumption and noise, and above all; safety.

Sealing seams and joints contributes greatly to this security. It is therefor important to train how to apply sealant compound properly.



Theoretical (4 hours)

  • Introduction of sealing compound

  • Purpose of sealing / Corrosion prevention

  • Definition of sealing compounds

  • Types of sealants

  • Materials and process specification

  • Storage

  • Shelf life and out time

  • Recertification

  • Environments, health and safety aspects (EHS)

  • Composites and sealant

  • Curing of polysulfide sealing compounds

  • Two component sealants (hardening type)

  • Types of Adhesion Promoter

  • The use of adhesion promoter

  • Hand mixing

  • Mechanical mixing with the SEMKIT mixer

  • Handling of cleaned parts

  • The use of Topcoats over fuel sealant

Practical (15 hours)

  • Removal techniques on sheetmetal and composites

  • Masking

  • Promoters and pre-treatment methods

  • Liquid and gas tight sealing

  • Mixing of sealant

  • Isolating materials to prevent corrosion

  • Applying sealant compound

  • Set quality requirements for applied and hardened sealing compound

  • Fillet sealing - Spatulable sealant (B) over brushable sealant (A)

  • Sealing of basic structures

  • Possible leak paths

  • Sealing Faying surfaces

  • Sealing Form in place gaskets


This course complies with guidelines of:

  • Structural Repair Manual
  • ATA 104 Level IV Objectives Par. 4
  • Corrosion Handbook
  • FAA AC 43.13-1B - Acceptable Methods, Techniques, and Practices - Aircraft Inspection and Repair


Duration: 2 days

Course ID: ATS2040

Download Catalog (PDF) Download Course Outline (PDF)


This course teaches the principles related to the quality and processing of sealing compound and learns how to apply and remove sealant compound through various techniques.


This course is designed for technicians, engineers, inspector and all other personal involved with sealant applications.


Remove and apply sealant compound on the correct way. Protect the aircraft against corrosion using sealant compound.


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