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Flapper Peening

This course covers the theoretical and practical aspects of Flapper Peening. The participants will learn the fundamental basics of flapper peening and gain practical skills by doing it into practice. In the practical session, the participants will use a FlapSpeed® PRO to gain hands-on experience with the process while generating a saturation curve. A written exam is given to the participants and a passing grade will provide a Certificate of Achievement.


Flap Peening:

Flap Peening is the Shot Peening of small areas of components or parts that are installed on the aircraft. Flap peening can be done best with the specialized tooling made by Shockform Aeronautique: The flapspeed PRO. Aircraft manufacturers demand that the person who performs the flap peening procedures is qualified and trained.

This training makes sure you become qualified for the job!

Not only will you become familiar with how the Flapspeed PRO works, you also get an extensive explanation of the Flap Peening procedure. After following this training you will fully understand the flap peening procedure given by, for example, Airbus and Boeing.


Learning Goals:

After successfully completing this module, the student will be able to:


Module 1: Introduction to Flap Peening.

  • Explain the process of shot peening;
  • Explain the process of flap peening;
  • Explain the philosophy of peening;
  • Explain why peening is done;
  • Explain the difference between shot- and flap peening.


Module 2: Tooling, Equipment & Consumables.

  • Describe the contents of the flapspeed PRO tooling kit;
  • Explain how the make the handpiece rotary tool selection;
  • Explain the purpose of the mandrel, and how to place the flap;
  • Describe the purpose of the almen test-strip and how to place it on the magnetic holder;
  • Explain the purpose of the almen gage;
  • Explain the purpose of the magnifying lens.


Module 3: The Flap Peening Procedure.

  • Understand the general description accordance the flap peening procedure;
  • Explain the scope and restrictions accordance the flap peening procedure;
  • Understand the safety measures to be taken during the flap peening procedure;
  • Explain how to find the intensity accordance with the flap peening procedure;
  • Explain how to plot the saturation curve accordance the flap peening procedure;
  • Explain how to perform the complete test procedure accordance the flap peening procedure;
  • Understand which information a rapport needs to contain;
  • Be able to describe what the operator requirements are.


Module 4: Flap Peening Test Procedure.

  • Explain how to prepare the almen gage;
  • Select the correct almen strip;
  • Select the applicable intensity (range), from the flap peening procedure;
  • Select the first estimated RPM;
  • Explain how to set up the Flapspeed PRO;
  • Explain how the almen test strip must be peened;
  • Explain how the arc height of a test-strip must be measured;
  • Explain how the arc height must be entered in the Flapspeed PRO;
  • Explain how the plotting of the saturation curve is done.


Course Duration:

  • 4 hours.


Training Type:

  • Interactive;
  • Video Presentation;
  • Voice Over.

Methods and Conception:

  • Everyone can manage the learning pace and learning duration depending on each person possibilities.
  • You can choose perfect timing and comfortable place with internet access.



  • Technical English.


Minimum Requirements:

  • Internet access;
  • Able to read technical aviation English language.


During this advanced online training course, interactive questions are asked, seeking that students better understand course material.


On the end of this training course (100% completion of the course)  there will be a "multiple choice questions examination". 

Pass mark – 75% or more. 
One (1) re-examination possible after failing the first attempt (if both attempts failed, full course has to be completed again).



Upon successful completion of this advanced online training course (75% or more), participants will receive their certificate online and can be downloaded.





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