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Part 145- Aircraft Metallic Structure Technician, Beginner Level Basic Aircraft Metallic Skills Training: Learning by Doing

This metallic course has been developed as a starting point to meet the knowledge and skill requirements of an aircraft sheet metal worker. The participant will develop the basic practical skills and will have the understanding of sheet metallic structures fabrication, inspection and repairs and be able to manufacture aircraft metallic parts, inspections and repairs to aircraft structures in compliance with the manufacturers documentation and other acceptable or approved repair data and technical drawings.


Course Information:

  • Training Locations: Netherlands, Singapore or Customer Location.
  • Course ID: ATS110
  • Course Duration: 15 Working days. 
  • Prerequisites: Prior metallic experience or training is not required.
  • Certification: Certifcate of Achievement, from an EASA apporved training organisation.


EASA 147- Certification:

Upon succesful completion the particpant will receve a:

  1. Certificate of Achievement, from an EASA 147 approved training organisation.
  2. A task logbook, signed by the tasks that are completed during the course.
  3. The deatailed course outline.
    (note: we have learned from the past, we provide all the information needed to make sure the comapny have all the documentation in case of an audit)


Module Overview:

Classroom: 5 hours.

  • Introduction to Aircraft Metallic Structures.

  • Personal Safety and Environment.

  • Handling & Storage of Sheet Metal.

  • Aircraft Metallic Repair and Facility Tools.

  • Riveting of Aircraft Solid Shank Rivets.

  • Machining of Sheet Metal.

  • Drilling and Countersinking.

  • Cold Forming: Bending.

  • Cold Forming: Slip Roll Forming.

  • Aircraft Documentation.

  • Written Test.

  • Hands-on Exercises.


Hands-on Exercises: 

Practical: Learning by Doing 70 hours.

  • Skin Patch Repair.
  • Frame Repair.
  • Stringer Repair.
  • Leading Edge Skin Flush Repair.
  • Part Replacement.


This course complies with guidelines of:

  • Structural Repair Manual.
  • ATA 104 Level IV Objectives Par. 4.


Download the detailed course outline below.


Download Course Outline (PDF)
Part 145- Aircraft Metallic Structure Technician, Beginner Level Basic Aircraft Metallic Skills Training: Learning by Doing


Perform inspection and repairs on real aircraft components and structures. 


This course is designed for technicans, engineers, inspector and all other personal involved in the manufacture, maintenance and repair of aircraft metallic structures.


During this training you will develop knowledge and understanding of materials, manufacture and repairs. You will develop knowledge and skills in the area of manufacturing and repair processes.

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