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The sheet metal aircraft is exposed to enormous forces during take-off, flight and landing, and will get damaged. As an aircraft sheet metal worker you must repair all kinds of damages. Sheet metal inspection, fabrication and repair

ACRATS Sheetmetal Working Courses

Helicopter Structure Repair Program, Part 1 Manufacturing, Inspections, Modifications and Repair of Composite and Metallic Helicopter Structure and Components. You are working in helicopter maintenance and you want to develop your knowledge and upgrade your practical skills of composites and metallic helicopter structures? With this education program you will develop knowledge and gain practical skills needed in everyday practice. View training Sealant Compound Application Protect your aircraft from corrosion High demands are made on today‚Äôs aircraft with respect to comfort, fuel consumption, noise reduction and above all: Safety. Sealing seams and joints contributes greatly to this security. It is therefore important to train how to apply sealant compound properly View training € 980 Basic Metallic Aircraft Structure Manufacturing, Inspection and Repair of Metallic Aircraft Structures The sheet metal aircraft is exposed to enormous forces during take-off, flight and landing, and will get damaged. View training Fabrication, Inspection and Repair Level 2 In-depth Training Do you want to learn what it takes to manufacture components from lightweight sheet metal alloys? In this training you will develop practical knowledge in component manufacture, inspection and repair. View training Fabrication, Inspection and Repair Level 3 Focus on modifications and repairs Aircrafts requires maintenance on its structure. It is important that structural repairs are performed by well trained sheet metal workers according the best available techniques. Improper repair techniques can pose an immediate or potential danger. View training Fixed Wing Structure Repair Inspection and repair focused on the use of the SRM After completion of this structure course the technician is able to understand the structural repair manual and perform inspections and repairs on the aircraft structure and components. View training Structural Repair Manual, damage recognition, assessment and reporting Understand and Work with Aircraft Technical Documentation The course will give the participants the basic skills and confidence in how to use the Structural Repair Manual (SRM) to perform damage assessment, to select repair procedure, understand the repair method and design repairs within the limits of the Structural Repair Manual (SRM). The course includes repair case studies that require the student to determine part identification, allowable damage limits, and detail metallic and composites repair options. View training