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EWIS TG 7 and 8 - Continuation Training This mandatory online continuation EWIS course covers all the theoretical training for Modules A, C,D and E as set out in AMC 20-22, Annex III to ED Decision 2008/007/R of 29/08/2008 and FAA AC. 120-94.

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As bad as it is, lessons are learned with every incident or accident, big or small. The cause of it is analyzed and procedures are drawn up or changed on the basis of this. One of the results of such an analysis can be that there is a need for training, to create or increase awareness for a certain matter for example. One such training is EWIS.

Following EWIS training is set mandatory by the aviation authorities. If you don’t follow this course, you won’t be allowed to practice your passion: working on the Aircraft.


This continuation training is custom made to meet the requirements given by the aviation authorities for Target Group 7 and 8

  • Target group 7: Flight deck crew.

  • Target group 8: Cabin Crew.


The training consist of the following modules:

  • Module A: General EWIS Practices.
  • Module C: Inspections.
  • Module D: Housekeeping.
  • Module E: Wire.


Module A: General EWIS Practices 

Learning Objectives: 

  • Know the safety procedures of normal and non-normal maintenance procedures so that the person can protect himself/herself and the aeroplane.


Module C: Inspections

Learning Objectives:

  • Know the effects of fatigue and complacency during inspection and how to combat these effects (human factors).
  • Recognize typical wiring system damage, such as hot gas, fluid contamination, external mechanically induced damage, chafing, corrosion, signs of overheating of wire, wire bundles, connective and control device assemblies.


Module D: Housekeeping

Learning Objectives:

  • Recognize external contamination and other damage due to external environmental conditions.
  • Know the aeroplane internal contamination sources so that inspection processes can be effectively carried out and contamination damage easily recognized.
  • Recognize other possible contamination sources.


Module E: Wire

Learning Objectives:

  • Know typical damage that can be found.


Course Duration:

  • 1 hours.


Training Type:

  • Interactive;
  • Video Presentation;
  • Voice Over.

Methods and Conception:

  • Everyone can manage the learning pace and learning duration depending on each person possibilities.
  • You can choose perfect timing and comfortable place with internet access.



  • Technical English.


Minimum Requirements:

  • Internet access;
  • Able to read technical aviation English language.


During this advanced online training course, interactive questions are asked, seeking that students better understand course material.


On the end of this training course (100% completion of the course)  there will be a "multiple choice questions examination". 

Pass mark – 75% or more. 
One (1) re-examination possible after failing the first attempt (if both attempts failed, full course has to be completed again).



Upon successful completion of this advanced online training course (75% or more), participants will receive their certificate online and can be downloaded.


Prepare the student so he/she will be able to demonstrate continuing compliance as given by AMC 20-22, Annex III to ED Decision 2008/007/R of 29/08/2008 and FAA AC. 120-94.


This courses is developed for:​ Flight deck crew and cabin crew.


Following this training programme will improve the awareness and skill level of aviation personnel in EWIS. This training programme promotes a philosophy of training for all personnel who come into contact with aeroplane EWIS as part of their job and tailors the training for each workgroup to their particular needs.

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