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About ACRATS Online:

Who is ACRATS?

ACRATS is the market leader in the field of Aircraft Structure Training with dedicated training centers in the Netherlands and  Singapore. All the training courses are practice oriented. For more information about the training visit:
ACRATS (click on ACRATS to visit the website)


What is the Online Training system all about?

The Online Training system allows you to purchase (e-shop) and listen to a course as well as store information about the previously obtained, shared and heard courses. The system also serves as a storage space for all the obtained course certificates and provides an option to receive reminders with regard to the certificates which are about to expire. Moreover, the website contains information about other training courses organized by the company.


Can I use the system without registration?

Only registered system users can obtain and listen to a course. However, the registration process is really easy, fast (it takes only one minute) and is very user friendly. All registered users can store all their course-related history and select an option to receive reminders with regard to the certificates which are about to expire. It could be found in the settings.


How can I contact the company in case I have any questions?

You can contact the company by filling in a special “CONTACT US” form and we will get back to you ASAP at least within 24 hours.


I registered for ACRATS Online, but did not receive any confirmation email.

You may have a problem with your email, please check the items below: 

·  Please check your junk mail folder

·  Did you provide the correct email address, spelt correctly?


What are the technical prerequisites to attend online courses?

·  Audio: your computer must be equipped with headsets or speakers.

·  Internet access: you must have an internet access with a minimum flow of 512Kb for video streaming.

·  PDF reader: you need a PDF reader to download documents (certificate, invoices…).

·  Plug-in: Our training material is designed to run with Flash Player 9, which can be downloaded free from Adobe.

·  Web browsers: Our online training is designed to work with most browsers: Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari etc.


Can a purchased course be listened only by the person who has paid for it?

A course can be listened only by the person who has paid for it or the person who has received a course as a gift via the system function SHARE. A course completion certificate is issued to the person who fully completes the course.


What is the SHARE function all about?

The Share function allows you to purchase several courses of the same kind and later share these courses (e.g. as a gift) with a friend or a colleague. The recipient of the shared course is informed about the fact via e-mail and can then access, listen and complete the course as well as receive a course completion certificate. The person who has shared the course may cancel it until the course isn’t started to be listened.


What is so special about the Skillcademy learning method?

All the courses provided on our learn portal are designed as interactive as possible supported by high quality videos and pictures.
We try to support every topic with demonstration video explained by a specialist which allows you to feel as if you were participating in an actual physical course.

The relevant material is displayed on the slides allowing a student to visually evaluate the key information.
Every module start with the learning goals and topics covered in that module.

Each course can be stopped any time and a student can get back to the exact place of stopping the video later. 


Can I stop the training course at any time?

Yes. You can log in or out as often as you wish. You can interrupt training anytime. Whether you need a break or your session shuts down unexpectedly, we always restart the course from the point you last had access. 

When restarted, the system will automatically bring you back where you stopped.



What is a Hard Copy?

Hard copy is a possibility to buy a paper certificate after the course is finished and electronic version is obtained or even before starting the online course. You can buy varying amounts of certificates regardless how many courses are purchased at the rate. Notice that hardcopy is not bound to particular training. Shipping price is included.


Why is it so important to fill in all the correct and accurate data before activating the course?

Before you can actually start listening to a course the system will ask you to enter your personal data. It is highly important that you enter all the information correctly because the data you provide will be used when issuing the certificate of course completion. ATTENTION! Keep in mind that the data cannot be changed afterwards unless you contact the system administrator.


I failed at the final exam. Can I retake it?

Yes, if you failed it once. All trainees are given two attempts to complete the final exam.



A guide to the Online gamification features:

ACRATS lets you earn discount through a gamified point system, for a even better e-Learning experience, you can gain pointto keep users engaged and motivated throughout their training.

To do that, we offer points, for:

Each unit completion gives  25 points.
Each course completion gives 150 points.
Each certification gives  150 points.
Each successful test completion gives  10 points.
Each discussion topic or comment gives  25 points.
Each upvote on discussion comments gives  10 points.
2500 points = 50 % discount on a new course.


How can i pay for a online training course?

You select the training course you want to follow. Scrol to the bottom of the text and click on "purchase", you will be directed to our dedicated LMS system where you can pay with Paypall.


What types of payment can be used to pay for a purchased course?

For the convenience of our clients we use PayPal one of the safest ways to make online payments, PayPal accept several types of payment. 


Where can i subscribe for a PayPal account?

if you click on the link below, you will be guided to the website of PayPal:
PayPal (click on the word PayPal to register for an PayPal account)


How can I listen to a purchased course?

Once you purchase a course you can start listening to it straight away. If you do not wish to get started immediately, you can continue browsing through the website until your purchased course is safely stored in the system under MY COURSES in the menu.


Where can i download my invoice?

All you have to do is point to your name on the top navigation bar and click My Payments on the drop-down list.

On your Payments page, you can see all the purchased courses and export the respective invoices to PDF files by clicking the download symbol.


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