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Customised Courses

Are your technicians highly skilled already, but still there is a need to focus on one or a few particular topics? No need to follow a program with unnecessary topics. ACRATS Training Services can deliver customized courses, that exactly fit the need of your organization. The time saved by not focusing on topics already well managed by your technician, is time we can spend focusing on the topics less managed.


We are also specialized in groups, where the individual needs are different. Sharing and learning from each other is a key asset here, and proven to be highly effective.


A customized program can be made, with the team leader/management or with the individual student. In both cases we work with the so called “competence check” form. In this way we get a clear insight of the students capability, and where there is  room for improvement. After the training, we evaluate the progress made on the individual topics. The result of the training is improvement of the technicians skills and a well-documented training log.

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Customised Courses