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Metal to Metal Bonding (SAE AIR4938 Part 4) Gain and develop in-depth knowledge and knowhow of metal bond structures

This training meets the formal training requirement for individuals who intend to become certified as aircraft metal bond repair technicians. Person(s) who complete this aircraft metallic structural repair training program is considered to be able to perform metal bonded repairs to metal structures in compliance with the manufacturers’ repair documentation or other acceptable repair data. Gain and develop in-depth knowledge and knowhow of surface preparation and the fundamental adhesion principles necessary to achieve a good bond to both non-metallic and metallic surfaces.


Course Information:

  • Training Locations: Netherlands, Singapore or Customer Location.
  • Course ID: ATS0104.
  • Course Duration: 5 Working days. 
  • Prerequisites: Prior composites experience or training is not required.
  • Learning hours:
    • Classroom: 13.5 hours.
    • Practical: 26.5 hours.


Course Module Overview:

  1. Introduction to Aircraft Metal bond Structures.
  2. Metal bond Specific Repair Material Requirements.
  3. Adhesion.
  4. Health, Safety and Environment.
  5. Surface Preparation and time limitations.
  6. Adhesives.
  7. Metal Bond Specific Design Considerations. 
  8. Heat Transfer and Cure Cycle Management.
  9. Pressure Requirements.
  10. Source Documents.
  11. Repair Considerations.
  12. Inspection Techniques.
  13. Written Test.
  14. Hands-on Excercises.


Hands-on Exercises:
Learning by Doing. 

  • Repair: Dent Repair
  • Repair: Metallic Skin and Core Repair.
  • Repair: Trailing Edge Repair
  • Repair: One Side Flush Repair.
  • Repair: Skin Crack Repair.
  • Destructive Test: Identify Failure Modes.
  • Destructive Test: Wedge Test.


This course complies with guidelines of:

SAE Publications:

  • AIR4844: Composites and Metal Bonding Glossary.

  • AIR5719: Teaching Points for an Awareness Class on "Critical Issues in Composite Maintenance and Repair".

  • AIR629: Guidelines for Repair Process Evaluation of Aluminum Bonded Structure.

  • ARP6262: Basic Composite Repair Technician Certification Standard.


FAA and EASA Publications:

  • Part 147 EASA.
  • AMC 20-29: Composite Aircraft Structure.
  • FAA AC 20-107B: Composite Aircraft Structure.
  • FAA AC 65-33: Development of Training/ Qualification Programs for Composite Maintenance Technicians.
  • FAA AC 43-214: Repairs and Alterations to Composite and Bonded Aircraft Structure.


Download the detailed course outline below.


Download Course Outline (PDF)
Metal to Metal Bonding (SAE AIR4938 Part 4) Gain and develop in-depth knowledge and knowhow of metal bond structures


Gain knowledge about the basics principles and concept of advanced metal bond structures. With this training, the (future) metal bond repair technician will have a solid base to manufacture, inspect and repair of aircraft metallic structures.


This course is designed for technicians, engineers, inspector and all other personal involved in the manufacture, maintenance and repair of metal bond structures. Prior metal bond/ composites experience or training is not required.


To gain knowledge and understanding of metal bond structures, manufacturing, inspection and repair of aircraft structures and components. To develop the basic skills in the area of manufacturing and metal bond and repair processes.

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