Everyone who comes in contact with composites and/
or composites components should understand what
composites are and be aware of the risks involved.
Composites inspection, proccesing and repair

ACRATS Composites Training Courses

Processing, Inspection and Repair Level 1 Develop valuable skills in the field of composite repair Do you want to learn all about the basics principles and concept of composites? With this training, the (future) composite repair technician will have a solid base to manufacture composite and perform inspections and repairs. View training Processing, Inspection and Repair Level 2 Focused on real practical scenario's Do you want to learn what it takes to manufacture a component from composite materials? This course teaches you practical knowledge in the field of component manufacture, inspection and repair. View training Processing, Inspection and Repair Level 3 In-depth training Do you want to work independently on aircraft components? After attending the level 1 and level 2 composite processing, inspection and repair training, you are ready to participate the level 3 structural repair training. View training Helicopter Structure Repair Maintaining your helicopter fleet; Inspection, Modification and Repair Are you working in helicopter maintenance and you want to develop your knowledge in the field of composites and sheet metal? With this training you will develop knowledge and skills needed in everyday practice. View training Fixed Wing Structure Repair Inspection and repair focused on the use of the SRM After completion of this structure course the technician is able to understand the structural repair manual and perform inspections and repairs on the aircraft structure and components. View training Practical SRM Training Understand and Work with Aircraft Technical Documentation The course will give the participants the basic skills and confidence in how to use the Structural Repair Manual (SRM) to perform damage assessment, to select repair procedure, understand the repair method and design repairs within the limits of the Structural Repair Manual (SRM). The course includes repair case studies that require the student to determine part identification, allowable damage limits, and detail metallic and composites repair options. View training