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ACRATS Online Learning Center

ACRATS Training Services is all about sharing the knowledge. We want to make Inspection techniques and repair of advanced composites accessible and achievable for as many people as possible and through this learning zone we hope to provide accurate, understandable and practical advice and information that will make this happen, including composites tutorials.

This new section of our website will be added to regularly as we address common issues encountered by our customers or provide information to accompany the thousands of products we have on our site.


At ACRATS we have experts in many different areas of advanced composites. If you have a question/subject you would like to see covered here and wish to learn composites techniques and draw on our knowledge then please contact us.

OFF TO A FLYING START THANKS TO EXCELLENT MASKING! MASKING THE KEY TO A SPOTLESS RESULT A perfect masking job and paint prep is key to a spotless result. While completing your job on time and with high quality, you are able to stay ahead of your competitors with cost- and time-efficient working. A prerequisite for this is that your masking needs to be spot on. This will prevent any need for a re-do and you can perform at the highest level. This also keeps your costs low, your results excellent and your clients satisfied. Read more A CLEAN SPRAY BOOTH TIPS AND TRICKS The key to a perfect spray job is clean surroundings. Nothing is more annoying than tiny dust particles on your freshly painted surface. Although your protective clothing protects your paint job from hair and fibres, a dirty spray booth will lead to dust and dirt particles on your brand-new car paint project or any other paint job. Read more Austrian Airlines trained by ACRATS Training Services. Austrian Airlines train there people well to maintain their fleet of 85 aircraft. We are very pleased to selected by Austrian Airlines to conduct the specialiazed and advanced sheet metal, composite and SRM training. Read more Why does my epoxy resin mixture feel hot? Once you combine the resin and hardener, a chemical reaction starts to happen that is the beginning of the curing process. As with many chemical reactions. heat is a normal byproduct of this. Heat output is greater with the larger quantities of resin that you use. the color of the epoxy can color yellowing caused by thermal energy, i.e. heat. Read more Aircraft Structure Training now also available in SIngapore Expanding our training facilities to other countries Training in Singapore and CuraƧao great succes! Watch video Composite Repair Proces in a Virtual Environment New learning methods Training of the future Watch video