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ACRATS Online Learning Center

ACRATS Training Services is all about sharing the knowledge. We want to make Inspection techniques and repair of advanced composites accessible and achievable for as many people as possible and through this learning zone we hope to provide accurate, understandable and practical advice and information that will make this happen, including composites tutorials.

This new section of our website will be added to regularly as we address common issues encountered by our customers or provide information to accompany the thousands of products we have on our site.


At ACRATS we have experts in many different areas of advanced composites. If you have a question/subject you would like to see covered here and wish to learn composites techniques and draw on our knowledge then please contact us.

SmartValve available by ACRATS ACRATS is distributing the whole range of SmartValves: Wide, Narrow and Pleat. The SmartValve principle is to improve the vacuum bagging process while saving time and cost. Thanks to the SmartValves, you won’t need to make incisions in the vacuum bags anymore or have mechanics holding hoses during the vacuum build-up: they are easy, stable and robust! Read more UV-GUN upgraded with LCD Display UV-GUN is an extremely powerful LED work light for very fast and highly efficient UV curing of large paint repair areas UV-GUN is an extremely powerful LED work light for very fast and highly efficient UV curing of large paint repair areas. It provides long operation time and is rechargeable with exchangeable battery. A new LCD display enables you to see the remaining battery level and ongoing curing time. With this feature, you will know the exact curing time of each operation and see when it is time to exchange the battery. Watch video Upgraded Explosion Proof Lights Taking advantage of the newest state-of-the-art LED technology We are proud to present two upgraded versions of our EX PROOF work lights designed for hazardous working areas. The light output of the two NOVA-EX work lights has been increased significantly, making them extremely powerful and competitive. Read more Now Available: Paint Application system for SMART repair The SMART Snap Lid System® is designed to provide a quick and cost effective repair to an area of cosmetic damage. The Snap Lid System® 88 ml, we present is especially designed for SMART Repair - Small to Medium Area Repair Technology. It's a complete paint application system containing 50 Snap Lids, 50 Mixing Cups and 10 red Sealing Caps. Watch video HOW PAINT PROFESSIONALS STAY SAFE DURING AND AFTER PAINTING PPE SAFETY FIRST! Paint professionals know the importance of personal protection. Besides the fact that regulations oblige the use of the necessary PPE materials, health is your most important asset. Both during and outside working hours. Prevent temporary or permanent injuries to make sure you can continue to perform at your best! Read more WHAT IS ELECTROSTATIC DISCHARGE? The ESD protective symbol is used to identify items that are specifically designed to provide ESD protection. ESD is the sudden discharge of an accumulated electrical charge between two objects as they separate or brush against each other. Discharges at elevated voltages can often be observed in the form of a visible spark and felt by a person. Secondary events caused by ESDs, like a fire or short circuited equipment, are responsible for billions of dollars in losses for manufactures each year. Read more