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ACRATS Online Learning Center

ACRATS Training Services is all about sharing the knowledge. We want to make Inspection techniques and repair of advanced composites accessible and achievable for as many people as possible and through this learning zone we hope to provide accurate, understandable and practical advice and information that will make this happen, including composites tutorials.

This new section of our website will be added to regularly as we address common issues encountered by our customers or provide information to accompany the thousands of products we have on our site.


At ACRATS we have experts in many different areas of advanced composites. If you have a question/subject you would like to see covered here and wish to learn composites techniques and draw on our knowledge then please contact us.

Simulation based learning Composiet in een virtuele wereld Read more Pliers for Aircraft Construction Pliers from KNIPEX for aircraft construction: They are just the best! Read more Specialistiche stage afgerond Maar liefst 100 studenten hebben de practische stage doorlopet door de medewerking van Curio en de provincie Noord-Brabant. AM&TS / Curio in samenwerking met ACRATS Training Services is een bijzondere en specialistische stage gestart waarbij 100 leerlingen worden opgeleid in composiet onderhoud en reparatie. Read more 100 stageplaatsen in de vorm van een opleiding. Gestart met de opleidingstraject: composiet specialist. In samenwerking met Curio/ AMTS en de Provincie Noord-Brabant zijn wij trots om te mogen mededelen dat wij voor de leerlingen van de afdeling vliegtuigtechniek van Curio zijn gestart met een opleidingstraject: composiet specialist. Read more Specialized Composite Repair Case Equipped with 162 items, ready for the most difficult composite repair task A selection of specialistic tools needed for the Inspection and repair of advanced composite structures, filled into 1 case, wheeled, synthetic resin, watertight, impact-resistant case with pressure equalizing valve. All with a weight of 25 kg/55 pounds only, perfect for even the most difficult composite structural repair. Read more ACRATS Introduces the New Hazard Tape Are you looking for a durable and weather-resistant marking tape to indicate distance and mark walking routes and workspaces? Then order your Colad Hazard Tape now! A strong, weather-resistant PE-laminated tape that can be used as a marking system and to easily seal off hazard areas. The tape is used as a marking system to keep distance between people by sealing off hazard and safety areas. For instance: easily mark safety and virus-related walking routes on walkways, steps, floors and stairs. The tape is highly abrasion-resistant and highly adhesive. Its black and yellow design enables instant recognition of caution and safety areas. It can also be used to demarcate employee working areas and/or service areas. Read more